English Programme

Kajonkietsuksa School English Programme
Matthayom 1-6 level


Thai-British Curriculum

  • Core subjects are based on the Basic Education Core Curriculum BE 2551
  • Additional subjects are based on the British National Curriculum and approved by Cambridge International Examinations.

Areas of study

There are 2 Areas of study for M.1-3

  1. Sci-Maths Class – The focus is on additional Maths and Science in the Thai Curriculum.
  2. Young Entrepreneur Class – The focus is on English and the course is IMG_0923133designed to equip students with 6 main skills required by young entrepreneurs, i.e. languages, leadership and thinking skills, social and environment awareness and business mindedness.

There are 3 Areas of study for M.4-6

  • Sci-Maths
  • Eng-Maths
  • Eng-Chinese
  • IGCSEs

IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. They are an international equivalent to the IGCSE exams taken by all UK students at the age of 16. The IGCSE exams at Kajonkietsuksa are run through Cambridge International Examinations.

All M4-5 students at Kajonkietsuksa are offered IGCSE courses to take the exams offered and obtain a certificate from Cambridge. IGCSE certificates can be submitted to the Thai Ministry of Education for an equivalent M.6 certificate that can be used to enter an English Programme in a Thai university.

Subjects taught in English by native English speakers.

Core Subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Computer-ICT
  • Health and PE

All British Curriculum subjects and IGCSEs are taught by native English Speakers approved by Cambridge.

Chinese taught by native Chinese teachers is offered to all levels / Japanese, a selective course, is offered to M.4-6 students.

Classroom and facilitiesIMG_7091

  • All classrooms are air conditioned.
  • Projectors are installed in every classroom.
  • Science laboratories are separated into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • There are dedicated Art and Music rooms.
  • Sporting facilities include a 25 metre indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, futsal field and outdoor tennis courts.