Clubs are a great way for students to get involved in extracurricular activities at school.  It is a wise choice, and it can be very important in helping them to develop many working skills, people skills, and more.  There are many reasons why clubs should be considered and here is a look at some of the benefits that students can enjoy.

Learning time management and prioritizing things in life is a wonderful skill to have.  As they grow they will need to learn how to juggle a variety of tasks and commitments.  It’s also a way of discovering other interests and allows them to explore.   When involved in a regular activity, students learn about long term commitments and the importance of keeping “their part of the deal”.

By joining a club students learn how to make a contribution.  It shows that they are not just just thinking about themselves and are contributing to something else.  This is crucial in their growth as an individual.

Raising self esteem is probably one of the greatest benefits that being part of a club can give any individual.  Everyone likes to feel that they are good at something and by exploring and diversifying, students can find something that they can do well, thus giving their self esteem a real boost.