The House System encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities and take up the role of both learners and facilitators. Within this system there are activities such as sport, music, the arts, ICT and CSR. Every week students will assemble within their house (team).  The seniors are promoted to be the facilitators, whereas the juniors will take a more hands on role. They are given the opportunity to voice their opinions and demonstrate their creativity.  All leadership roles are expected to act as ambassadors who embody the school values and mottos.  Thus, they will endeavour to support and encourage all students within their respective “Houses” to achieve the best possible outcomes in everything they do.

Students are usually placed into each ‘House” randomly.  Any younger siblings who come up over the years will usually, but not necessarily be placed within the same ‘House”.

The objective is to build a school community within the ranks of its learners.  The intention is for the internal and wider external community to benefit from the activities that the “Houses” choose to pursue in areas such as tradition, culture and academia.