Parents Testimonials

Mrs.Kantima Chalermsinsuwan (Mother of Gap and Gam)

I have two children, both of whom have been studying at Kajonkietsuksa School since kindergarten. Now they are in secondary.   Why did I make the decision for them to study here?  Well, first I would say the number of students per class is relatively small, so the teachers can spend quality time with each child.  What I especially like is that the teachers will keep me informed as to how my children are doing both in terms of their academics and behaviors.  I also like the way that the school cooperates with parents for the benefit of the children.  Their English ability is one of the main reasons why I enroll my children here.  I am happy that they are able to communicate fluently in English.  Furthermore, the environment within the school, for example, the classrooms and the buildings, is so clean.  Most importantly, the school’s strict safety policy gives me peace of mind .

Mrs.Wanvisa Tantiplubthong  (Mother of Nokia)

There are several reasons why I have chosen Kajonkietsuksa School as the preferred place of study for my son, even though he was eligible to attend two of the Top Ten academic schools in Thailand after graduating P6.  I enrolled him in kindergarten and he is now in M3. After careful consideration, he made the decision to stay because of the support and encouragement shown to him by the management and teachers in areas such as academics, sport, music and recreational activities.  We, as parents supported him in that decision.  The teachers in each field are knowledgeable and strive to guide their students both inside and outside of school, taking into account their interests, skills and abilities.  There are also dedicated sporting facilities such as the tennis courts, futsal field, in-door gymnasium and 25 metre swimming pool that students can enjoy in their free time.  My son is so happy that he can play basketball every day after school.  The most important thing is the duty of care shown by all teachers towards my child.  I am very touched that the teachers on duty will wait until the last student is picked up by parents.  Drugs and smoking are not issues at Kajonkietsuksa, Kathu as the school have strict guidelines in place.  For this I am extremely grateful and appreciative of the care taken by all staff in this area.