Young Entrepreneurs

Once we read, “Entrepreneurs are not born…rather they “become” through experience of their lives” – A. Shapero. That’s the very first initiative for Young Entrepreneur program.

Young Entrepreneurs program(YE) aims to expand new horizon for students with initiative and creativity. It is an excellence opportunity for them to explore, experience and excel their entrepreneurial knowledge along with other academic matters.

Since it started 3 years ago and is doing well in fast pace, as an alternative to iconic Science-Math, YE program offers students with strength and essential skills in entrepreneurship that one need to have. Skill in languages such as Chinese, Japanese incorporates with English are surely giving the best gateway for students to take on with their initiation and innovation. Further, the program also focuses on student’s creativity, business mindset and thinking skills. Leadership and problem solving skill is a mandatory for growing up and become good entrepreneurs. Being entrepreneurs, students are taught to be professional, ethical and develop sense of social responsibilities at the same time.

It is our pleasure to be the First school in Phuket to offer YE course and be honored to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with School of Entrepreneurship and Management, Bangkok University (BUSEM), in order to enhance both academically and other adjoining activities.

YE – Progress of entrepreneur excellent!!